Professional Waterproof Cable Gland Manufacturer
Jixiang Connector is a manufacturer of brass cable glands and nylon cable glands,which are used in new energy power, transportation, shipping, petroleum, lighting, mechanical automation and other fields.
Waterproof Connector

Waterproof connector is a waterproof performance device designed to realize the connection of electrical equipment such as wires and cables in an environment where there is a risk of water immersion.

Mini Junction Box

The waterproof junction box is a waterproof electrical connection device used for connection and distribution of wires in a wet or water-drenched environment.

EMC Cable Gland

EMC cable gland is a cable connection device specially designed for electromagnetic shielding and protection, which consists of a metal shell, an internal cable contact and an electromagnetic shielding structure.

Explosion-proof Cable Gland

Explosion-proof cable gland is a kind of cable connection device with explosion-proof and fireproof functions designed for connection and distribution of cables in places where flammable and explosive gases or dust exist.

Marine Cable Gland

Marine Cable Gland is a cable sealing device for marine environments such as ships, marine engineering and marine oil platforms. Marine Cable Gland has a wide range of applications in marine engineering, marine oil, and marine science research.

Cable Accessories

Cable accessories are various devices and accessories related to cable connection and fixing, which play an important role in the fields of electric power, communication, industrial automation and construction.

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