How breathable vent work?

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There have an ePTFE membrane in breathable vent internal structure.
An ePTFE membrane is a linear polymer consisting of fluorine and carbon molecules, with natural hydrophobicity, uniformed pore size, high porosity, good air permeability, and high chemical corrosion resistance.
Thus, breathable vent enable quick pressure equalization for outdoor equipment and ensure a dry casing for long service life of equipment.

Breathable vent can make sure the water and dust cannot ingress the membrane, can ensures the circulation of air while maintaining the tightness.

The breathable vent are designed for one-way air flow that allows heat and pressure to exit the box but prevents moisture from coming back in, effectively prevent the generation of condensation water.

You will get minimized condensation and prolong the equipment’s service life, no need expensive ventilation systems and the omission of expensive maintenance and re-install.

Thus, breathable vent are widely used in electric and electronic enclosures,lighting manufacturers,renewable energies (solar and wind), automotive industry and railways.

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