How to install a Waterproof Connector ?

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The waterproof connector produced by the Jixiang connector is reasonable and easy to install. Today, I will explain the installation steps of the waterproof connector.

  1. Unscrew all prats and insert wires from both side
  2. Insert the wire-cored terminal into the hollow tube
  3. Screw Type: Fix the wires insider the poles by screwdriver
  4. Quick Type: Lift the booster and insert the lead connector hole
  5. Tighten the nut until the waterproof rubber core tightens the rubber wire
  6. Tighten the locking nuts and wiring completed

IP68 Waterproof Connector

The waterproof cable connector allows a workaround for open air splices. It allows for the easy extension of wires, while adhering to the building code. Jixiang Connector is the leading manufacturer in China, we supply high quality waterproof cable connector which are made of durable plastic and copper alloy and will withstand all of the outdoor elements.
The waterproof cable connector as a cost effective solutions, designed to connect in a quick and dafety way in permanent and temporary installations, can be applied in PV inverter, Electric vehicle, Medical equipment, Interactive Smart Grid, Automation machine, Industrial PC, Marine device, Outdoor LED display, Outdoor LED lighting, etc.

Our waterproof connectors are designed by humanized, so we fully consider the user's use scenario during installation,I hope the above installation tutorial can provide you with help

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