Knowledge popularization of nylon cable gland manufacturers: types of cable gland and joint forms

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Nylon cable gland manufacturers tell you, what kind of cable joints are there?
Cable joints are divided into two categories: indoor and outdoor. Outdoor cable terminals are easily affected by wind, rain, ice, snow, and environmental climate, and their working conditions are harsh, so their structure is more complicated. Indoor cable terminals have better working conditions and do not need waterproof devices. , the cable core wire can be directly drawn out and connected to the equipment.
At present, the indoor and outdoor cable terminals of cables of 10KV and below generally use epoxy resin cable terminals, and outdoor cables sometimes use pig iron box cable terminals.
There are two commonly used cable intermediate joints: lead sleeve intermediate joints and epoxy intermediate joints. The former consumes a lot of materials and is inconvenient to install; the latter is more commonly used at present. Due to the long cable laying length, it is necessary to ensure the integrity of the cable, and the cable head added between the two sections of the cable is generally more than 400 meters long, and a middle cable head needs to be calculated.

Nylon Cable Gland United Structure Metric Thread

According to the form of parts: power cable intermediate head, power cable terminal head, complete set of terminal head
According to the wire core material: aluminum core cable head, copper core cable head
According to the construction method: dry pack, heat shrink, cold shrink. Nylon cable gland manufacturers tell you what is the difference between dry wrap cable glands and heat shrink cable glands.
The dry-packed cable head is not as waterproof, durable, and beautiful as the heat-shrinkable cable head. The scope of application is limited to cables with a single-core wire diameter less than or equal to 70mm2. If the joint part is touched by a sharp object or hit by an external force, the wound insulating tape may be damaged, resulting in an electric leakage accident. But there is one advantage, that is, the cost is low and the construction is convenient.

The advantages of the heat-shrinkable cable head are obvious. According to the requirements of different working environments, heat-shrinkable heads of different materials can be used. They have excellent water resistance, impact resistance, and airtight performance. longer lines.

What are the cable glands called?
It is also called a cable head. After the cable is laid out, in order to make the line into a continuous line, each section of the line must be connected as a whole, and the formed connection point is called a cable joint. This kind of connector is used to lock and fasten the incoming and outgoing wires to achieve the functions of waterproof, dustproof, and anti-shake.

When connecting one end of the cable with other electrical equipment, a cable terminal is required; when connecting one end of two cables into a cable line, an intermediate cable joint is required. The cable terminal and the intermediate joint are collectively referred to as the cable head. The main function of the cable head is to seal the cable. When the cable leaves the factory, both ends are sealed, but when laying or connecting, the ends are cut, which destroys its sealing. If the end of the cable is not sealed or the quality of the cable head is unqualified, the cable head will leak oil, and finally, the insulating oil will dry up, the insulation performance will be greatly reduced, and the safe operation of the cable will be affected. In addition, the cable paper has strong water absorption and is very susceptible to moisture. If the cable is poorly sealed, moisture penetrates into the inside of the cable, which will also reduce the insulation performance and affect the safe operation of the cable. It is not difficult to understand that the cable head is the weak link of the cable insulation and the frequent point of cable line faults.

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