What is the difference between waterproof cable joints and ordinary ones?

1. Main features of water proofcable gland

(1) Waterproof performance: It has excellent waterproof performance and can work safely and stably in humid or watery environments. Therefore, it is widely used in outdoor electrical devices, underwater equipment, ships, swimming pool equipment, fountains, etc.
(2) Manufacturing process: During the design and manufacturing process of waterproof cable joints, there are very high requirements for materials and processes. Choose corrosion-resistant materials, such asBrass, stainless steel, nylon, etc., have been specially treated to have good wear resistance, ensuring that they can be used in harsh environments while maintaining the integrity of the appearance and smoothness of the lines.
(3) Practicality: Waterproof cable joints usually have strong load-bearing capacity and ease of installation. The plug-in and pull-out force reaches N level, can withstand greater strength and heavy loads, and are easy to install.Maintenance and replacement costs are low, where ordinary cable glands may fall short.

2. Ordinary cable joints

(1) The waterproof performance is average, and its design and manufacture mainly consider electrical connections and basic mechanical properties.
(2) Ordinary joints are simple to make and install, requiring only basic tools and materials, reducing costs and providing greater flexibility.
(3) However, since ordinary connectors do not have a special waterproof design, they may not be suitable for humid or watery environments, otherwise they may cause circuit short circuits or equipment damage.

Therefore, if your cable joint is used in a humid or water-rich area, I would recommend using a waterproof cable joint specially made for waterproofing.

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