The first part of the implementation rules for ship cable sealing technology

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1. Range

This standard specifies the general requirements for ship cable sealing and cable sealing operation steps.
This standard applies to cable sealing on various conventional civil ships such as oil tankers, bulk carriers, container ships, etc.

2. General requirements for cable sealing

2.1 Sealing fillers and pouring inorganic fillers should meet the requirements of fire prevention and waterproofing in the place of use, and should not have the risk of corrosion, and should not damage the cables or hull structure, and have a classification society approval certificate.

2.2 When the cable is introduced into the equipment, the protective performance of the equipment must not be damaged.

2.3 When a bunch of cables pass through the penetration, the distance between each cable (especially large cables) and the inner wall of the penetration must be 3-6mm.

2.4 For cables passing through watertight or fireproof bulkheads, when pouring cable sealing fillers, attention should be paid to meet the sealing requirements.

2.5 The length of the cable passing through the sealing material section in parallel in the penetrating member is at least 250m, and should not intersect with other cables.

2.6 Commonly used viscous grease should be piled up in a hilly shape without depressions to prevent accumulation of water.

2.7 Thermoplastic sleeve sealing should be heated evenly.

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