Type and useful situation of Screw caps

Under normal circumstances, Screw caps will be used with screw bolts. It mainly plays a role in increasing the contact surface of the workpiece. Most of them are used in pipelines. The fasteners have some stamping parts and casting components.

Common nuts include self -locking nuts, locking nuts, anti -loose nuts, four -claw nuts, twisting nuts, and rings nuts. We can choose different types of nuts to choose the appropriate product through the introduction below.

1. Self -locking nut: Self -locking nut is a self -locking nut. Generally, the nut will automatically loosen due to vibration and other reasons. To prevent this phenomenon, the self -locking nut was invented. The role of the self -locking nut is mainly to prevent loosening and vibration.

2. Locking nut: The locking nut and the self -tight nut are common tight lock -tight nuts. Including mechanical locking, riveting locks, friction locking, structural locking, etc.

3. Anti -pine nut: Anti -pine nut is a kind of nut, which is widely used in machinery and other industries. Its working principle is to lock through the friction between nuts and bolts.

4. Four -claw nut: Four -claw nuts are parts that are closely connected to mechanical equipment. The same specifications can be connected together by the inner thread.

5. String into the nut: the screw raw material is 45#steel, the hexagonal cold pulls the steel bars, the surface is galvanized, the quality is adjusted, and the mechanical cutting and cold processing of the car and milling.

6. Suspension nut: The suspension nut refers to parts that are twisted with bolts or screws together. This is the original that must be used by all manufacturing machinery.


In the following four cases, we can use a Screw caps:

1. Tube: Use a tube cutting knife or a sand wheel cutting machine, (dedicated to the cutting tablet) to cut the stainless steel pipe vertically according to the required length, repair the end of the end, and the whole round.

2. Welding: The left and right cone -shaped convex flange (with grooves, which are dedicated to double band convex sealing cushion embedded), respectively. Essence

3. Pad: Both sides of the two flanges of the left and right flanges.

  1. Faste: Use a card hoop to clamp the two Franks, and then use a tight screw (inner hexagonal bolt) card to furnace or fasten the handle.

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