nylon cable gland standard and usage method

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Considering the working environment, relatively humid places, or some lines directly under the water, etc., to connect the lines in these environments, it is necessary to use waterproof joints for connection. Since waterproof protection is required, the standard in this aspect will be very high, and it needs to have good sealing characteristics, which are safe and reliable. Cables are often buried in the soil or will be exposed to wind and rain, so waterproof joints are required at some joints. Lead you to understand some standards of nylon cable glands:

Nylon Cable Gland Divided Structure G Thread
Ambient temperature range:
Static: -40 degrees to +120 degrees, up to +150 degrees for a short time. Dynamic: -20 degrees to +100 degrees, up to +120 degrees in a short time Protection level: IP68
Comply with DIN40050 standard in the bayonet range.
Nylon cable gland manufacturers tell you that waterproof joints are divided into seven levels of solid protection and nine levels of water protection. The standard of solid protection is divided into seven levels from 0 to 6.
Level 0 is the level without any protection;
Level 1 can prevent solids over 50mm from intruding into the joint;
Grade 2 is a solid above 12.5mm;
Grade 3 is a solid above 2.5mm;
Grade 4 is a solid larger than 1.0mm;
Level 5 is to protect against the intrusion of dust-sized solids;
And level 6 is to achieve a sealed state and complete protection.

The manufacturer of nylon cable gland reminds us that the protection level of water is similar to that of solid ones. Level 0 means that there is no protection, levels 1 to 7 mean that it will not have much impact or will not be affected in water for some time, and level 8 is Completely waterproof and airtight.

Nylon cable waterproof joints are accessories for cables. They are mainly used in distribution boxes and distribution cabinets. Describe the use of nylon cable joints:
1. The connector can lock the cable, and the other end can be connected to the equipment box, or the thread can be selected according to the selection.
2. It is connected to electric equipment with internal thread at the entrance and exit, a general mechanical control box, a switchboard, and a machine.
3. The electric cable is fixed, which can effectively clamp the cable and achieve the purpose of waterproofing.
4. The control as installation material can be divided into heat-shrinkable (commonly used) dry-pack type, epoxy resin pouring type, and cold-shrinkable type.
5. According to the wire core material, it can be divided into copper core power cable joints and aluminum core power cable joints.
6. The main function is to make the line smooth, keep the cable sealed, and ensure the insulation level of the cable joint so that it can operate safely and reliably. If the seal is not good, not only will oil leak, causing the oil-impregnated paper to dry up but also moisture will penetrate the cable, reducing the insulation performance.

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