Gland cable connector and its selection method during installation

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According to the description of the installation and selection method of the Gland cable connector:

1: First, determine the cable type, whether it is an armored cable, if it is an armored cable, you must use an armored cable stuffing box. The use method and selection principle of armored cable stuffing box are selected according to relevant standards;

2: Use cable glands according to the requirements of the use environment. Generally, in harsh environments such as ships, chemical plants, petroleum engineering, natural gas, etc., considering safety and stability, please use stainless steel with good corrosion resistance and explosion-proof performance; if there are special requirements for electromagnetic waves, please use anti-electromagnetic Shielded cable gland;

3: According to the type of hole, choose glands of different specifications. The four most practical screw specifications are metric, German, English and American. After determining the thread size, determine the outer diameter of the cable. The size of the diameter corresponds to the shrinkage range of the connector; if there is no hole, different types of thread glands can be selected according to the outer diameter of the cable, and holes are made at the corresponding positions according to the size and type of the gland. ;

4: Special requirements, such as variable diameter glands, threaded extension glands, thicker equipment boards and glands of different specifications can be selected according to actual needs.

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