Cable gland connector, do you really know enough?

Cable joint is a tool used to connect two wires, so that the wires are safe, unobstructed, sealed, and run safely and reliably. Many friends may be relatively unfamiliar with cable gland connector. In this article, the Jixiang waterproof cable gland connector manufacturer will tell you how to identify the size of cable joints. How to choose a cable gland? How do waterproof cable glands work? Knowledge of the types and uses of waterproof connectors.



How to identify cable gland connector size?

[Answer] How to identify the size of the wire and cable:
1. Check the cable insulator and its insulation.
2. Explore the words or written numbers on the insulation. This is done to check that a number at the end of each text string indicates the AWG of the wire. Once you confirm and find that they are not there, you will move on to the next step, using a cutter to cut the wires. However, it is worth noting that the cut should withstand the running of the wire.
3. Make sure to measure the diameter of the cross-section in inches, where the diameter is known as the distance from one side of the cross-section to the other side of the line.
4. Divide the wire diameter by 45 to determine the load that fits and fits the cable size.
5. Check the colors; presumably they should be black, red, white (neutral), and green in most cases.
6. Check and distinguish the cable size, and understand its purpose, depending on where it is used.


How to choose a cable gland connector?

There are several different types of cable glands and it is important to choose the correct one for your application. Cable Glands Here are a few things you need to consider when choosing the right compatible one:

1. The type of cable the gland will be connected to
2. Material, construction, and cross-sectional dimensions of the cable (for example, is the cable shielded or braided?)
3. Color requirements for cable connectors (if any)
4. Location of cables and glands (are there installation space constraints, electromagnetic interference, or environmental factors to keep in mind?)
5. Whether the gland needs to be waterproof.
6. If necessary, the gland provides mechanical protection
7. If the cables and glands are used in hazardous areas
8. Should the gland provide electrical grounding or grounding
9. Whether there will be a problem with the reaction of different metals (nickel-plated cable joints provide chemical stability)
10. If the cable is armored, the size of the inner layer of the cable, the armor material, and the short circuit rating of the armor must be considered
11. Need to consider the fit with the gland connection or the compatibility of the shell material.
12. Depth and size of gland threads must also be considered - metric or PG?
13. Are plugs required in the gland to close unused cable entries?

How do waterproof cable gland connectors work?

Waterproof decoration is a very important issue in the process of home decoration, not only related to the effect of decoration but also has a great impact on the safety of use. Waterproof treatment of cable joints is one of the most important issues. If the waterproofing is not done well, it is easy to cause the risk of power failure, and in serious cases, it may even cause a fire.


So how should the waterproof treatment of cable joints be done? How to do it with good effect? 

1. Choose a good waterproof material. This is the first step in the waterproofing of cable joints, and it is also a very important issue. There are many professional waterproof materials on the market, and the quality of these materials varies to a certain extent, and the models are also different. When we choose these waterproof materials, we should pay attention to the model matching, and at the same time pay attention to its quality, and choose waterproof products with reliable quality.

2. Professional installation technology is an indispensable guarantee for the waterproof treatment of cable joints. There are many technical requirements for installing these waterproof accessories, so professional workers should be invited to install them, and not install them at will, which will easily leave safety risks. When installing, pay attention to installing the accessories in the correct and suitable position, so that they can play their role in the use and achieve the waterproof effect.

3. To deal with the wire ends, the waterproof treatment of cable joints is very meticulous work. Before installing the equipment, these wire ends should be treated first, and the exposed metal wires around them should be treated well, otherwise, it will easily cause leakage. The treatment of thread ends should be meticulous and comprehensive, to reduce exposed thread ends, and to clean up all the surrounding dotted lines.

4. To check the wire ends and accessories, this is a very important job in the waterproof treatment of cable joints, to see if there is any wear or looseness. Especially for thread ends used at home, the plastic tubes in some places may have been worn out and should be replaced in time, and the screws in some waterproof accessories are loose and should be tightened, to ensure safety and no hidden dangers during use.

Warm reminder, doing waterproof treatment can reduce the occurrence of many problems, and waterproofing treatment of cable joints is a very important task. When doing waterproof treatment, it is necessary to check the surrounding thread ends to ensure that there are no loopholes and to reduce dangerous situations. The work of waterproofing is not complicated, but it must be done carefully.


What are the types of cable connectors?

Cable joints can be divided into straight cable joints, insulated cable joints, plugged cable joints, transitional cable joints, branch cable joints, cable flexible joints, etc. Intermediate joints, terminal joints (indoor, outdoor).

Cable glands can be divided according to the place of installation:
1. Indoor cable joint
2. Outdoor cable connector

Cable joints are classified according to the production and installation materials:
1. Heat-shrinkable cable gland
2. Dry pack cable connector
3. Epoxy resin cast cable joint
4. Cold shrinkable cable gland

Cable joints can be divided according to core material:
1. Copper core power cable connector
2. Aluminum core power cable connector


What is the purpose of the cable gland?

1. The tightening ring is specially designed with strong pulling force and will not cause damage to the motor
2. It is not necessary to disassemble the fixed head, the cable can be directly inserted and tightened, saving time and convenience.
3. Waterproof, dustproof, salt-proof, and resistant to weak acid, alcohol, oil, grease, and general solvents.
4. Improve the reliability of power supply: due to the use of crimping joints, the contact resistance between the two wires is reduced, thereby reducing the loss of current; and when the temperature of the wire rises, the voltage between the wires decreases, thereby Reduce the temperature rise of the wire;
5. Protect the cable from mechanical damage and chemical corrosion. Prevent insulation from aging and deterioration. Avoid short-circuit accidents caused by reduced insulation resistance. It is convenient to check the location and nature of line faults during installation and maintenance, and it is convenient to judge the cause of the fault and deal with the faulty equipment.


Through the above introduction, I believe that everyone already knows how to identify the size of the cable connector, how to choose the cable connector, how the waterproof cable connector works, the types and uses of the cable connector, and other knowledge. Connectors help. If you want to know more about wires, please continue to pay attention.

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