Double Locking Cable connection purchase guide

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Brass Double-locked Cable Gland is designed with the interlocking, the special clamping jaw and the seal, and the clamping cable range is large, and the tensile strength is extremely strong.


With more powerful sealing performance and unique dual internal sealing structure, we only need to use a wrench when installing, and use a wrench to tighten to the appropriate torque. In order not to cause the cable to generate the axial displacement and radial rotation, after installing the Grand head, you can keep the equipment running normally without allowing other dust, water stains, mosquito, alcohol, oil, solvents and other media to enter.


When you using the double lock cable gland, one side can lock the cable, and the other size can be connected to the equipment with internal threaded inlet.


How to choose Double Lock Cable Gland is also very important.


There have Metric thread, PG thread of double lock cable gland, Metric thread, PG thread.


In terms of the choice of dual -lock cables, we can choose to use the most commonly used type,the threads have an angle of 60 degrees, and in the case of cable glands, typically have a 1.5 mm pitch between threads.


The other is PG thread. PG thread for Panzer-Gewinde, which is a German thread type. The threads have an angle of 80 degrees as well as a smaller depth than the other two thread types.


Next, choose the size of the thread according to the needs. After determining the specifications of the device opening size, it will start installation to play a role in waterproof, dustproof and anti -vibration.


Jixiang Connetcor is has always implemented the quality-centric principle, and strictly follows the ISO9000 international quality management system standards and management models for management and production.


Any inquires of double lock cable glands, please feel free hesitate to contact us.

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Double Locking Cable connection purchase guide

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