Brass Adaptor
Brass Adaptor

Brass Adaptor

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Product Description

Material: Brass with nickel-plated

Shape: hexagonal or round

Certificate: CE, IP68

Features: This product can transform different threads OD freely;

Function: An adaptor is used if the dimensions of existing tapped Holes are too small for a given gland. It provides a means of connection between cable entry devices and equipment having dissimilar threads.

Accessories: Locknut, Sealing washer

Note: We can produce different thread lengths and the other sides of threads (not standard) as the requirement of customer.

Round Series No. Hexagon Series No. Specifications thread length (GL) mm Height (H) mm hex size (D) mm
male (D1) female (D2)      
JX-M12/M16A-EN JX-M12/M16B-EN M12*1.5 M16*1.5 6 8.5 18
JX-M16/M20A-EN JX-M16/M20B-EN M16*1.5 M20*1.5 6.5 9 24
JX-M20/M25A-EN JX-M20/M25B-EN M20*1.5 M25*1.5 7.5 10 30
JX-M25/M32A-EN JX-M25/M32B-EN M25*1.5 M32*1.5 8 11.5 39
JX-M32/M40A-EN JX-M32/M40B-EN M32*1.5 M40*1.5 9 12.5 43
JX-M40/M50A-EN JX-M40/M50B-EN M40*1.5 M50*1.5 10 14 57
JX-M50/M63A-EN JX-M50/M63B-EN M50*1.5 M63*1.5 10 14 64
JX-PG7/PG9A-EN JX-PG7/PG9B-EN PG7 PG9 6 8.5 17
JX-PG9/PG11A-EN JX-PG9/PG11B-EN PG9 PG11 6.5 8.5 20
JX-PG11/PG13.5A-EN JX-PG11/PG13.5B-EN PG11 PG13.5 6.5 9 22
JX-PG13.5/PG16A-EN JX-PG13.5/PG16B-EN PG13.5 PG16 6.5 9.5 24
JX-PG16/PG21A-EN JX-PG16/PG21B-EN PG16 PG21 7.5 10 30
JX-PG21/PG29A-EN JX-PG21/PG29B-EN PG21 PG29 8 11.5 39
JX-PG29/PG36A-EN JX-PG29/PG36B-EN PG29 PG36 9 12.5 50
JX-PG36/PG42A-EN JX-PG36/PG42B-EN PG36 PG42 10 14 57
JX-PG42/PG48A-EN JX-PG42/PG48B-EN PG42 PG48 10 14 64
JX-NPT3/8"-NPT1/2"A-EN JX-NPT3/8"-NPT1/2"B-EN NPT3/8" NPT1/2" 6.5 9 24
JX-NPT1/2"-NPT3/4"A-EN JX-NPT1/2"-NPT3/4"B-EN NPT1/2" NPT3/4" 7.5 10 30
JX-NPT3/4"-NPT1"A-EN JX-NPT3/4"-NPT1"B-EN NPT3/4" NPT1" 8 11.5 39
JX-NPT1"-NPT1-1/4"A-EN JX-NPT1"-NPT1-1/4"B-EN NPT1" NPT1-1/4" 9 12.5 50

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Are you trading company or manufacturer?

We are cable gland manufacturer, we have our own workers and terminal block factory.

How long has your factory been in this field?

We have been more than 10 years' Professional terminal block production experience.

What types of terminal block do you have?

We professional produce various types of terminal block:SEK series Screw Terminal Block, SUK series Screw Terminal Block, JF5 series Screw Terminal Block, SN series Screw Terminal Block, ST3 series Spring Terminal Block to clients' needs.

Where is your cable gland factory located? How can l visit there?

Our factory is located in yueqing city,zhejiang province, China. Our local airport is wenzhou yongqiang airport.
The nearest international airport is shanghai pudong airport.
about 40 minutes by plane from shanghai (4 hours by train)

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