A Quick Guide Buying Flexible Spiral Cable Glands

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What is Flexible Spiral Cable Glands? Cables for electrical appliances and machinery that are moved under normal use must be protected against excessive bending. Flexible spiral cable glands can be a cost-effective solution for you.


Flexible spiral cable glands are liquid-tight, spiral strain relief that can protect your wires and minimize repairs, avoid damage and reduce downtime maintenance costs.


Flexible spiral cable glands are widely used to in the dynamic applications, such as robotics industry, automation, handheld device, light and sound applications, automobile and alternative energy.


To save time and complete projects smoothly, youd better make sure of these following two things first before buying flexible spiral cable glands.

Choose the right size of flexible spiral cable glands



Flexible spiral cable glands are used to seal the ends of cables, first, you or your cable installer should determine the size of the cable which is to be used for the project. Then, choose the right size of Flexible spiral cable glands which is suitable for the cables.


Jixiang Connector Flexible spiral cable glands suitable for 3mm to 18mm cables use, options are available in two different thread types including Metric, PG.


Choose the suitable material for the flexible spiral cable glands


Nylon Flexible Spiral Cable Glands


Nylon flexible spiral cable glands is a very economical choice and the first choice for most people.


Jixiang Connector nylon flexible spiral cable glands are made of high quality nylon PA66 material which is stronger and more durable. Usually available in black and white, other colors can also be customized to coordinate with the color of the equipment or to distinguish the use of the cable


The protection level of nylon flexible spiral cable glands can reach IP68, which only can form a safe and reliable electrical connection while ensuring that contaminants such as dust and water are seal away, but also allow for flexibility and mobility of the cable.


Brass Flexible Spiral Cable Glands


Brass flexible spiral cable glands are made of nickel plated brass, excellent durability and performance for most industrial applications, protection against corrosion, friction and contamination.

Jixiang Connector brass flexible spiral cable glands are provide reliable bending and anti-kink protection and with a  clamping system effectively protect against the risk of the cable pulled out.

If you have any questions regarding the flexible spiral cable glands, you can contact us directly, our team are read to provide professional solution for you.

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